Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outside Looking In!

We all live in a bubble of perceptions- perceptions others have about us. I was lucky enough to be in a situation that allowed me to step outside the bubble and observe what others thought of me. Some of what I saw broke my heart, some vindicated my own beliefs while some of it surprised me. This is what I found.

Some people think I am vulnerable and need to be protected, others think I am brave enough to handle any situation. Some think I am grounded and know what I am doing, while others think I fumble my way through life. Some think I am very good at my work, but  there are a few that think my skills are overrated. Some think I work very hard, but some others think I am laid back. Some think I am truly concerned with others, while others are convinced that I am self absorbed. Some believe I hold people together, while others think I break them apart. Some think I am vindictive, while others believe I am forgiving and kind. Some think I am foolish enough to allow people to use me, while others think I use people to my gain. Really! No kidding!

Major life lesson happened. Perceptions that exist about me are certainly based on my actions and behavior but only to a degree- they are significantly clouded by the perceiver's life views and experiences. People judge others on a scale that has weights of the their own values and attitudes on one side. I can control or influence that as much as I can the weather.

Now when my kids ask me why they are misunderstood, I know what to say to them. Instead of being concerned with what others think, and wanting to be understood and appreciated, what is worth doing is focusing on and refining what sits on our scale- our own principles and values. What is worth doing in knowing what we want to be and working hard being that in all honesty.


  1. kuch to a log kahengay ,logon kaa kaam hai kehana, choro bekar ki baton me kahin beet na jaye zindagi. aagey barho aur maro goli logon ko. Asli nahin jhooyty wali warna jail mein phans jayegi.Jitney log utni baten, So do what your heart dictates. Suno sabki karo apni

  2. the title reminded me of malika's Outside eating