Monday, November 21, 2011

This Karthik!

When challenged to go around the world in the shortest possible time, Karthik diligently went around the world, across oceans and mountains and deserts, facing cold and hunger and deprivation. Ganesh, his brother, walked in a circle around his parents and claimed he had circled the world because they were his world. He won.

This Karthik here so wishes she had been as smart as Ganesh. I am tired and still such a long way from home.


  1. I love this Karthik. She takes on so much on her head and caps it all by being a perfectionist. I would rather have this Karthik than the lazy Kamchore Ganesha.

  2. Richness of Great and Not-so-great Experiences vs Richness from Cleverness ... maybe I'd go for the former again if given a second life!