Monday, June 27, 2011

U Mandara Ke

When everyone has gone to sleep
I enter the mystic garden
Tentatively, an empty basket in hand

And begin collecting the celestial flowers, Mandarava
Strewn on the grass
Even as more fall from the branches above

For hours I go on, but have nothing to show
For my basket is as bottomless
as my garden is abundant

My arms tiring
My eyes stinging
My breath fading

I go home three hours later
With an empty basket
...but fragrant hands!


  1. Hmmm...the fragrant hands...very insightful

  2. One never goes back empty handed, so to say.

  3. Awesome !!!! I imagined every moment!!!

  4. I read your poem again and read some more thoughts in between and felt very happy that my beautiful daughter writes such amazing thoughts.

    1. Hai mom you made me so happy. This was written at the time when I was chanting very hard for my situation to change, but nothing seemed to be happening, except that by and by due to my intense prayer, I was becoming a better person. That itself was a bigger reward than what I was asking for. That's why I wrote this poem, lest I forget that every prayer may not be answered but there is a good reason for it.

      U mandara ke is a (translated) phrase Buddha wrote in Lotus Sutra. It means heavenly flowers (Mandarva) fall from the sky like rain. Buddha used it to describe his happiness at discovering the truth.

      Love you mom.

    2. Beautiful... Thanks so much for sharing.