Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just because...

Just because I won't say
I can't live without you darling
Don't underestimate my pain.

Just because I proclaimed boldly
that I had all the answers
Don't dismiss my dilemmas.

Just because I followed
religiously a rule or two
Don't assume I have a storehouse of courage

Just because I chose this once
Self denial over self indulgence
Don't as yet wave my youth goodbye

Just because I bowed
Submissively, without resistance
Don't doubt the substance of my love

Just because you don't hear me say
I will die without you dearest
Don't overrule the possibility.


  1. I am sure mom is going to ask "who?".

  2. Yes I took it for granted it was m,e Ha ha. You made me laugh all the time by your own comment on your blog projecting my question.

  3. It's for all the tough loves in my life, people who believe I am strong enough to live on my own without them, and dont see beyond my pride induced bravado. Yes there are a few such people in my life, including you my tough love mommy.