Monday, June 13, 2011

The Little Fish, the Big Lake and the Small Pond

Once there was a fish who lived in a big wide lake. She loved her life, frolicking in the water with her friends all day. She was one happy fish!

Then one day, someone picked her up from the lake and put her in a small pond. The little fish was distraught. She missed her lake and her friends sorely. And there wasn't enough water in the small pond. It was drying up, becoming smaller every day.

One night, the little fish was overwhelmed by sadness and anger. She cried out loud- "Why me? Why did you take me away from the lake I loved? Why must I live alone and in such a small pond? How long before this pond dries up and I die?". 

To her surprise, a voice answered- "Little fish, I took you out because the big lake was toxic. It had been so for some time and was growing day by day but you were unaware of it. Had you stayed in the lake, you would be dead by now, choked by the poison."

The little fish realized that what the voice said was true. The water in the small pond was indeed clearer than the lake water. Her eyes could see far and her scales were shinier than ever before. She hadn't noticed this because she was so busy feeling lonely and scared. Having heard the truth, her anger and sadness disappeared. She felt grateful for what she was given- a second chance to live! 

The next day, it rained heavily and continued to rain for a whole week. The little pond filled up until it was almost as big as the lake.  
The little fish could swim for a long time before she would reach the shore. And she was no longer alone- there were other colorful fish swimming in the pond!

The little fish was happy once again, happier than she had ever been before. 

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  1. Friends, I have to share with you all that the rains started today, a few hours after I wrote this article. The little pond is filling up. And I am sure it will rain for the rest of the week. The little fish is very happy.