Saturday, October 6, 2012

I wasn't betrayed!

(An old poem- written in 1990)

Go there
Where the sound of your laughter
doesn't reach my ears.
Where, even if you don't call
I can say
He called, but I couldn't hear
He called
He called!

Go there
Where, my tears dry
well before they are sighted
by your cruel eyes.
Where I can find my way
Without you holding my hand
If only I could live
If only I could live!

Go there
Where I can live
without your thought
or your longing
Where, even in the face of such treachery
I can say he was faithful
I wasn't betrayed
I wasn't betrayed! 


  1. Oh you write poems in English. I read most of your poems. Worth reading, full of emotions & heart touching. If these are not published, I would like to suggest you to send first 4-5 poems to Sahitya nest is a bi-lingual quarterly from Ajmer, to be started with Oct.-Dec. issue. Manika Mohini

    1. Thanks Manika. It's great to be appreciated by you. You are a fantastic writer.