Friday, November 23, 2012

The Village Vet

As I was making an appointment for Anakin to see his very professional vet one last time in Singapore, I remembered Mr. and Mrs. Ghosh of Khanyara village and their pet dog Princess.

Princess was special. She was this well-fed squirming mass of love and affection, whose joy at seeing people was unbelievable. She just had to lick everyone and not once, but non stop. We also referred to Princess as Chaatbe Na (don't you lick) because of what Mrs. Ghosh would say to Princess every time she came near us.

A few years ago, while on our annual holiday in Dharamshala, we met Mr. Ghosh on our morning walk. He shared that Princess had not been keeping well and seemed to be struggling for her breath. Worried about her, he had taken her to the local vet the day before, who had checked her up and diagnosed her as having asthma. However, despite the Asthalin shot given by the vet, Princess had only gotten worse. Now asthma is a familiar adversary, so I was naturally very concerned about Princess.

A couple of days later, we met Mr. Ghosh again. Beaming, he told us to come over to his house to see the lovely little pups Princess had delivered. You see, Princess was not asthmatic, but pregnant! That straining to breathe- that was not wheezing, those were contractions!

Anakin my dear, you will be well taken care of by this vet. Just thank your stars you are a male! 


  1. I like the transition between Ghost Town to Ghosh Town.

    Am sure Anakin will love the DS weather...GRs have most fun in non-humid climates.

    1. Yes I am sure. Just the access to the outdoors will do him good. The first floor verandah overlooks the khudd and is huge, as compared to what we are used to here.