Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Real Me

I know I talk too much. I say whatever is in my mind without tempering it for whoever is listening. I don't think too much before I speak because I have thought a lot over the years and now what I have to say is a product of all that pre-thinking. Now whatever comes from my mouth is the real me. The real me.

I know I do crazy things. I do whatever I feel like without worrying about who's watching. I do not pretend because I have spent a lifetime pretending to be happy and being politically correct and I am done with that. Now whatever I do is a reflection of the real me. The real me.

I know I am not all that good. I make too many mistakes. But I have decided to let guilt and shame take a backseat in my life. They can complain as much as they like but when I am driving the car called life, I can choose to ignore them and let spontaneity be my navigator. Now where I go reflects the real me. The real me. 

As I talk, do and go, some people like who I am. Some hate me. I look at only those who like me, who think I am someone worth loving. The rest I pass by as I do the trees and mountains and rivers on my way. I stop where I feel happy. And wherever I stop reflects the real me. The real me.  

After hating this mouth, this body, this mind and these intentions for years, I have finally found the ability to love me. The real me. 

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