Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Today is father's day. I see so many FB posts of my friends thanking their fathers. But I have desisted. Despite the fact that I loved my dad a lot and miss his calm presence.

Maybe it's because here I see fathers who get drunk every night and have no relationship whatsoever with their kids.

Maybe it's because here I see other fathers who stay sober but still don't have any relationship with their kids.

Maybe it's because when I asked my school kids, whom I teach on and off, who their most favorite family member is, only one child said it was her dad. Everybody else said it was their mom.

But mostly because my kids have no father. My little girl has never had a father, and my son hasn't had one since he was seven.

My kids are wonderful people- wholesome, somewhat crazy but happy, fully-loved and fully-loving kids. This family is fatherless.

Happy missing Father's Day!

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