Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today, my brother turns 50.

When I said to him "What a great day", he said "What's so special about that. It's just another birthday".

He is like that. Very practical and self effacing.

But it got me thinking. Although 50 is just a number, it is a powerful one. It's not really halfway into an average lifetime, because, tell me, how many of us can hope of living up to 100!

But something makes 50 powerful, more powerful than 49, or even 51.

50 is when my mom says Kashmir was different when she visited many years ago and I say how many years ago and she says 50 and I am like wow!

50 is like that. It gives us a sense of history. It's palpable. It is awe inspiring.

It is something lots of people care for, like statisticians and public health folks. Actually, I am sure that if dad were alive today, he would have cited statistics about how many people live up to 50.

Happy birthday Arun. 50 years ago, our mom gave birth to you. It was a special day, for you, and for us. Have a great day and a lovely life ahead. 

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  1. Thanks Puja - Yes, it was just another day but your post made it special :)