Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Morning was Bright and Shiny!

By Chandrama Anand

The morning was bright and shiny, after a few gloomy days of clouds and rain. Puja drove up to the point where we always park our car before we trek up to Saloti Mata Temple.  The peaks were glinting like silver against the embankment of white clouds and blue sky. On the left, the serpentine  dirt road  meandered through the green  step like wheat fields. The mountain rivulet could be seen gurgling and gushing  rapidly, dancing to reach its unknown destination, but from this distance the music was on mute. 

While my eyes feasted on all this breath taking canvas, my heart was filled with overwhelming emotion. Was I grateful for this life? Did I deserve such bounty? Was I worthy of this gift of Nature ? I wanted to thank someone or every one for handing me this trophy. 

It was my darling husband who had taken the decision to settle here in the lap of Himachal, where I had just come for a mission for a short time.  Now he has gone and I miss him with fond memories. But I miss him with love and gratitude and no regrets.

My life has attained another beautiful height because of my youngest daughter Puja . She has left the comfort and advantage of a posh country like Singapore to give me her love and care in this small out of the way village Mouli, in Dharamshala. Her siblings too are breathing easy knowing that their mother is no longer alone. 

Puja, I and my grand daughter Aloka go for these crazy outings at the drop of a hat. Today we took some crazy photos posing and not posing,  but enjoying the bounty of nature so pure. The sheep and goats were our companions. Then the eagles came rejoicing with their huge span of wings, floating freely in the thermals. Butterflies too came in hoards. Bees and flies too came out in a swarm. 

That is how I spent my today- remembering my yesterdays and looked forward to tomorrows.

5th April 2015


  1. Love it! Love you. My relocating here was the best decision of my life. I love every minute of it. Thanks to you mommy!!!