Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Letter from Canada!

I received a birthday card from my mother's brother, Sushil mama, a couple of days after my birthday. It came all the way from Canada, and what a way!

Take a look at the address. The colony Himachal Vikas Pradhikaran doesn't exist, the village Sidhpur is some 3 km away from our village and the pin code is incorrect too. It doesn't even say Dharamshala or Kangra. Just HP! 

How did you conjure up this address Sushil mama! It is a beautiful lie! 

The fact that it reached our side of HP is surprising enough. Is there no other Sidhpur in the entire Himachal Pradesh? 

Once there, the only reason his card made its way to our house is because my mother is so well known in the village and nearby areas. The postal guys recognized her name and corrected the address. Can you imagine this happening in any other place?

This is one of the truest pleasures (and surprises) of living in a small town!!!


  1. Thank you our postal service .I feel highly blessed and honoured. Stay like this. Never expected corrections by my local post master.
    Thank you.

  2. Had this happen to my mum once. Gynaecologist, well known in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal had a letter delivered to our house in Kathmandu. It was addressed to Dr Saraswati Padhye, Bihar, India! Truly amazing!