Wednesday, December 26, 2018

This is also Me

When I think about people
in my life
That have caused me pain
Uncalled-for, excruciating pain...
Somewhere deep inside I know
There is no point wishing them away,
This life is wholly mine
And this pain is also me.

When I think about the loveless life
I led for years
Starting way back, even before 
I could form memories...
Somewhere deep inside I know 
There is no point in complaining,
This life is wholly mine
And this lack is also me. 

When the mountain glow makes my heart aglow
When wild cherry blossoms make my heart bloom
When clouds fill my mind with secret stories
When my kids take wings and I can't stop flying
When a friend's hug suddenly makes me weightless
When a look of love makes me believe I am lovable...
I will remember that my life is fully mine,
And this is also me, this is also me. 


  1. Yes,its you who's deeply loved,cherished n celebrated.For so many,u r d love they dreamed of.

  2. Beautiful you! Tight tight hugs!