Tuesday, August 15, 2023


When I die

Don't anyone say,

That she let her grief kill her.

That her heart was torn to shreds,

And the shreds could not beat.

That her mind was tortured by nightmares of memories,

Till it could not hold any other thoughts.

That she searched for herself in the broken mirror,

But she was nowhere to be found.

That her story was rewritten by others,

And she started believing in the abomination.

When I die

Instead, tell everyone,

That she put her grief in the backseat, most of the time.

That her broken heart could still beat weakly

To the drums of distant hope.

That the rubble of the nightmares shifted, 

And her mind could still find some light.

That she found her lost identity 

Reflected in the shards of the broken mirror. 

That her true story was written in indelible ink,

And she carried it in her heart, till the very end. 

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