Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why Vacations are Great!

So much happened during the SA holiday that it is not possible to write everything. I have decided to capture a few of my realizations and experiences over several posts.

Vacations are great for many reasons. Some reasons are obvious, like getting a break from routine and seeing a new place. As a mother, I discovered another advantage I had not expected. Vacations are a great way to discover hidden traits about your children.

I discovered that Aloka goes a little crazy when she is tired (usually in the afternoons). By crazy I mean crazy, not cranky or difficult. Just the opposite in fact. She starts laughing, singing, dancing and talking loudly and generally gets out of control. The only way to deal with it is to let her do her thing for sometime and then calm her down with a story. She will then invariably go to sleep. I honestly didn't know this about her before this vacation.

I discovered that Atreya is a solid young man with a huge amount of confidence. He is not afraid of taking a stand or making mistakes. Very unlike me when I was his age. When we were "lost" in Stellenbosch, he refused to give up even when everyone was doubting his ability to read the map and take us back to our hotel in time. His faith in himself was solid enough to withstand all that silent opposition. I know a lot about him but didn't know this about him before this vacation.

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  1. Ha ha! I talked trash! When? I must have been too drunk to remember!

    Silly boy, just because I don't allow swearing at home doesn't mean I never swear. Likewise for drinking. The secret is moderation and being responsible. So there's another lecture for you!