Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cunning mother!

Aloka is at that age where she wants to make all decisions herself. Like what clothes she should wear and which shoes to go with them.

After struggling for weeks to convince her to wear clothes I picked for her, or watch her go through her wardrobe indecisively and wail for the same skirt and flimsy shirt every day, I figured a way out. I told her that the choice of clothes will be hers, but I will  make it easy for her by bringing her options to choose from, instead of her going to the closet.

So now every morning, while she is still playing with bath toys in the tub, I bring her 2 sets of clothes  (for the first few days I brought her 3 or 4). Dresses she would normally refuse to even look at now get chosen eagerly because the other options are far worse. I have a couple of my favorite "distractors" that I use very cunningly when I want her to wear something she would normally not, such as stockings and full sleeved t's.

Now we have a toddler happily getting dressed in  the mornings because she believes she is in control! And a closet full of clothes that either are worn regularly or play another special purpose of distracting.

Hee hee!

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