Friday, December 30, 2011

Enough about Pirates Already

Isn't it time that children's books and cartoon shows about pirates were stopped? Why does the world continue to romanticize murderers and plunderers?

Talk of a pirate to a child, and her eyes twinkle with delight. Most kids think a pirate's costume is fun. Kids' TV channels have shows about pirates singing and dancing about their treasures.

How do you reconcile that with the stories of people held hostage by Somali pirates for months? Or that of the old French lady who was kidnapped by pirates from her holiday home in Kenya, who later died? Or that of the four sailors killed by pirates at sea recently? How can we see stories of such horror on one TV channel and cartoon shows glorifying pirates on another and feel everything is fine?
If I never see a pirate-related show on TV or merchandise in stores, it will be too soon. 


  1. Children live in their own world. Let them have their dreams. By and by as we learn t about pirates they too will why hurry up and spoil their dreams I feel. for them it is a fantasy and they have not seen them in real life.

  2. Do we encourage them to fantasize about being like murderers and serial killers? I don't think so. Same applies to pirates.