Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Queen-Sized Spa Experience

The year was August 2007. I was just done with National Day Parade- exhausted after months of hard work compounded by weakness from a very low hemoglobin count. Vasanta, Shalini and I, three BFFs at that time, had planned a short trip to Chiang Mai starting August 10, the day after the National Day.

The first thing we did upon reaching the hotel in Chiang Mai was to look for a spa. We chose a beautiful place within walking distance from the hotel. Inside, I went for what they called a Queen Spa, a three-hour extravaganza- after all, I deserved a treat after working so hard for the last six months. It was the most expensive offering they had, but quite reasonable as compared to Singapore.

The room I was taken to was breathtaking- fragrant and royal. Soft music was playing. There were tropical flowers in several vases around the room. And the best part was an attached outdoor bath area, which was private but gave the sense of openness. As I lay down on the soft bed, wider than the usual narrow spa bed, I let out a sigh- it was time for a relaxing 3-hour experience. I couldn't wait for the masseuse to knead away the fatigue from my tired body.

The masseuse started talking softly, asking me about Singapore. She then asked me in her soft voice if the pressure of her hands was OK. I said it was perfect. Suddenly, she wasn't speaking so softly. Her voice sounded loud and somewhat demanding. I turned back to look at her and was quite surprised to hear her say "Time for a shower"! I looked at the clock on the wall and was shocked to see that three hours were up! I had slept through the entire period!

Mind you, I didn't just doze off as many people do during a massage. I was knocked out as if unconscious and have no recollection of anything at all, not even turning over, in that 3-hour period.

So that was my first and only Queen Spa experience...more like queen-size experience since the only thing I remember is lying down on the large comfortable bed! I sometimes wonder if the masseuse realized I was fast asleep and decided to take a snooze herself. If she did, who would blame her?

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