Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I think jealousy, or envy, is a lowly feeling that says I am not grateful for all that I have and do not value it much. All my life, I have watched myself for signs of jealousy, and so can say with some amount of surety that I am not the jealous types. I am not jealous of those who appear more physically appealing than me, or thinner, or less saggier, or richer, or married, or whatever.

However, I am jealous of one type of person- the runner. I see people running/jogging on the road and my heart twists with envy. I see them huffing and puffing and sweating, and I could do anything to swap places with them.

For, though I am grateful for the breath that keeps me alive, I am not grateful for it running out too fast from my lungs. 


  1. When I was in Chandimandir chaperoning Ashu and Nishu2007-2009 I used to take vigorous walks up and down the hilly roads. It was my best pastime. Then one day my knee buckled and i almost fell down. Slowly I came back home and brooded. Went for evening walk. Believe it or not half way back to home near the Raina sports complex I stood stock still as my legs refused to move. Petrified I was ,literally. Thanks to mobile phones and you (Your gift), I called Ashu who had yet not come from college to pick me up from this spot. Dismay was written on my face. Next morning I again ventured out but after walking 500 steps I had to drag my legs. I watched the other walkers gliding away on nimble feet. God I was jealous. How could they and I could not?

  2. Yes mom I remember how terrifying that was. Glad you were able to resolve that problem and now are back at being a mountain goat, as Atreya calls you.