Friday, June 14, 2013


I have left all lofty, snobbish, intellectual matters in that corner there. I smile when I hear rustic rough words and laugh at the crassest of jokes. I don't care to be understood deeply. I don't care to understand deeply either. I don't need to write poetry to communicate- songs someone else wrote and someone else sang do that job. I don't over analyze what I am feeling. I don't have any expectations of unexpected depth either. I splash around in shallow waters and revel in it like a child. I don't link happiness to forever-ness. I do not demand magic or wait for it eagerly, but I am ready for it every moment of the day. When it happens, I let it beat in my heart for a bit and let it go. I do not judge, not myself, not others. I do not worry about holding on because I do not own and I do not belong.

This love has set me free.


  1. The day we surrender our ego, is the day we are finally free. I think you achieved that...

    Great going, girl.....

    1. Ego I don't know, but I have certainly surrendered my good sense! LOL!