Monday, January 6, 2014

My balanced score card for 2014

After almost a year of living in the moment and doing what took my fancy, I have finally thought deeply about what really makes me happy and what I need to do in order to go even closer to that state. As a business leader, I always used the Balanced Score Card to define the goals of our business. Now, as a leader of my own life, it only makes sense that I use it to define my personal goals.

Personal happiness/growth/fun
  • Invest in relationships with people who make me happy.
  • Travel around the region, making at least one trip a month.
  • Write at least one blog post a week.
  • Learn to play tabla and practice drumming.
  • Learn dance for March.
  • Practice driving the car daily and venture out more by myself.

  • Help Aloka find friends and spend time with them.
  • Spend 1-hour with Aloka doing activities.
  • Be available for Atreya whenever he needs me and spend time with him (w/o becoming a nuisance to him).  
  • Spend at least 1-hour with Mom without interruptions and take care of her.
  • Build stronger ties with Anu and Arun.

Community Service
  • Teach kids from Sonkhni da kot school regularly.
  • Approach another school for similar programs.
  • Provide free English lessons to locals.
  • Get involved with Sambhavna and the library program.

Profession and financial
  • Grow consulting business.
  • Build my Rakkar house for b&b and training business.

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