Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fast Track!

Here is a conversation I had this morning with Aloka, my six-year old. Brought back memories of my own childhood, except that I went through similar scrutiny and evaluation of my mother when I was much older, closer to 12.

Aloka: Mom, do you want to fast on some days?
Me: Fast? No, I love food.
Aloka: But do you want to try?
Me: Why?
Aloka: Then you will become thin.
Me: Oh, do you think I am too fat?
Aloka: Yes. (Silence). But it suits you. It matches you.
Me: You mean you like my being fat?
Aloka: Yes. You are the most beautiful mother in the whole school.
Me: Really! Wow, what a nice thing to say!
Aloka: Hmm, but you must wear the clothes and jewelry I choose for you everyday.

She then went on to lay out the clothes and ear rings and bracelet and necklace that I must wear today when picking her up from school.

I tell you, I had rather fast a couple of times a week!

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  1. Be ready to wear pink and sparkling jewelry that she is eagerly waiting to wear when she grows big....