Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This is what is wrong with me, but I had rather be wrong than right (pun unintended)!

Something must be wrong with me because I just don't like people who sit back efficiently when other people are being killed, who do not feel like apologizing or expressing regret for mass murders done under their very efficient noses, and who feel just a tad bad when puppies are crushed under their cars. 

Something must be wrong with me that I can't get over this little obstacle, that my skin crawls when I think of it, that I can't see beyond these little things to appreciate lofty promises of development and efficiency. 

Something must be wrong with me because I don't understand why these wrongs are not considered a big deal just because some other people had got away with committing similar horrors 30 years ago. 

Gosh what a wimp I am- soft and silly and stupid and fuzzy-headed. Something is seriously wrong with me, but you know what, that's OK.

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