Monday, February 2, 2015

Daughter of Special Folks!

42 years ago, my talented mother won a WHO fellowship to study and work in the US and visit a few other countries (Japan, Korea and some others). I was 7 years old, my brother 8 and my sister 10. At that time, mom and dad and we kids lived in a govt flat. We had grandparents on both sides in Delhi, but none lived with us. 
With 3 kids to look after, my father could have been forgiven for being resentful of the situation, but instead, he proudly and happily sent his wife to learn and grow. His reaction to the situation set the tone for everyone's reaction in the family. No one grudged mom's decision to be away for a year and supported her with pride.
Proud to be the daughter of such parents. Happy 55th anniversary mom. And daddy, wherever you are, please know you are loved and appreciated for who you were.

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