Friday, January 16, 2015

You have a Secret Life

Something you said today made me realize-
that you have a secret life.
A secret I am not part of
And never will be,
A secret that gives you pleasure
that I can never taste,
A secret that takes you to a place
I can never accompany you to.

Something slipped from your tongue by mistake
And slithered between us
Like a green venomous snake
That since then sits there
Hissing at my thoughts of you and me...and our love
Forcing me to accept
that we are two separate lives
Even though I want to believe otherwise.

I would hold you, darling, in a tight embrace
And tell you we need no secrets from each other
And no one else but each other to be happy...
But it would be a lie.
And not just because of that thing sitting between us
But because it struck me a while ago...
That I too have a secret life you are not part of
That I too walk a secret garden that is cautiously barred to you.


  1. Secretly I have cherished,
    all the feelings I have buried,
    Feeling superior and afraid at the same time,
    Feelings I dare not share, keep them solely mine.