Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Substance

I don't think I can write about what I am thinking in one sitting. It will take several sessions and revisions. I am recording my thoughts because I may lose this clarity in a few days.

The thought started taking shape in the last few weeks, when I was forced by circumstances to evaluate my contribution and to estimate the loss.

  • What holds things together is an intent. Sometimes its just one person's intent. It takes a huge amount of intent and effort to build something of value.
  • The substance of excellence is not tangible.
  • When intent towards excellence (is there another word for it) dies, things seemingly carry on as they were.
  • When people are not aware or sensitive to it, it is not even missed.  The changes are slow and imperceptible except to a very few.
  • Life, and certainly business, can exist without it, but something is lost, and that makes the whole difference.
Will work on it later.

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