Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slime Alert!

I received the slimiest message yesterday from someone I used to know quite well. It reeked of selfishness, fakeness and power games that made me sick to my core.

The world has many great people, some creative geniuses, some benevolent protectors, some deep thinkers, and some selfless doers. Why didn't I receive a message from one of them? Why this particular person?

If the environment is a reflection of my life, then what does the continuing presence of this person in my life suggest? How much ugliness lies hidden in my depths, only to expose itself with such incidents?

Sending out a slime alert, both outside and inside!


  1. Puja, think like this. Whatever that person said or did has nothing to do with you. You are what you are and always will be. You do have the capacity to have faith in yourself. Keep up with that. The world is not a nice place. I have my shares of ups and downs, more downs than ups.

    Ugliness is not within us. Why should question ourselves for what another person says?

    You probably know that I will always listen to you.....

  2. Gautami, it took me many years to accept total responsibility for my life. Everything that happens is a reflection of my life. Nothing is coincidence. Nothing is outside of me. Can't blame anyone else (though it is so good to do that). I believe that totally.

    But it is not a guilt trip or a way to put myself down or to be a tragedy queen. The upside of this is that nothing is outside my control. If someone else is responsible for this, then I am helpless in changing it. But if I am responsible (in some way or another) for the situation, then I am also capable of changing the situation e.g. through my Buddhist practice.

    So this way of thinking is very empowering.