Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conveyor Belt Conspiracy

A few years back, I bought a bright red large sturdy bag for my then frequent travels, assumption being that red will stand out and I will have no trouble locating it on airport conveyor belts. I soon realized that everyone had caught on to that trick, rendering it rather useless. Ask any red bag owner- there are more red bags than any other color at any given time at any airport conveyor belt!

Unfortunately, a wheel of my red bag broke last May after to a trip to homeland. I can only imagine what would have been done to it to force out the whole wheel from its socket! I mean really. Makes me understand why some folks pay money to get their check-in bags wrapped up in plastic cocoons at Delhi airport.

Anyway, a broken wheel meant I needed another bag for my Morocco trip. With little time or money to buy a new one, I decided to use one that I had bought from US some years ago for the sole purpose of carting two pairs of Atta's monster shoes. This bag was smaller than my red one, and it was brown in color. This would be distinctive by its very drabness, I thought to myself smugly. But I am telling you, no kidding, as I waited at Casablanca airport for my baggage to arrive, there were more brown bags than any other color on the conveyor belt!

Don't like it one bit- this conveyor belt conspiracy.


  1. I got around this problem by tying a beaded piece of chord (two chords to be precise) for easy identification.

    Not that I travel as much as you do....!!

  2. I do too Gautami (3-coloured ribbon). But the fact is that if you are anxious, everything seems to conspire to increase that anxiety.

    I am sure if someone were to really count, my feel about there being most red (or brown) bags would be proven wrong instantly. But it seemed true to me because of my state of mind. And why not- haven’t we all heard horror stories about lost bags and I certainly don’t want to be stranded in Morocco or Lhasa with no bags (given my size, I can’t even buy clothes from regular shops!).

  3. Red bags is definitely not your imagination Pujix. I bought a red strolley with the same thought process as you and I completely believe that now more than half the people travel with similar red strolleys - just to vex me :-)

    1. Chalo vindicated. I bought my mother a bright pink bag, which was derided by some family members (e.g. her grand daughters) as too flashy. But only a frequent traveler will understand why it was needed!

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