Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tagine Love

I am in love with my tagine. I have cooked three times using it and while the dishes haven't turned out as great as I would have liked, I feel a strong urge to return to it. The pressure cooker and the once favorite wok get nothing but disdain from me.

The secret of tagine cooking is in allowing it to bubble away for hours, something I don't have the luxury of (one or the other kid is too hungry to wait).

Here are some pictures. 
Mutton tagine with potatoes and pumpkin! Cooked for over 4 hours on slow heat (veggies added only for the last hour). Served with country loaf. 

Chicken tagine with coriander! Cooked for an hour. Served with steamed rice. 

Minced mutton tagine. Cooked for an hour and a half. Served with mint raita and coriander paranthas. 


  1. puja you now have all ingredients to open a restaurant and change your profession completely. enough of E learning. Now you concentrate on culinary learning.Awaiting your decision to start a joint in Dharamsala.

  2. Hai mom dil ki baat keh di. Enough of this mindless pursuit. Soon soon!