Saturday, July 14, 2012

Early Morning Companionship

(Written on June 29)

Each day this week, I have woken up at 3 am to complete my work before my vacation. I have no trouble waking up or motivating myself to get out of bed if something needs to be done urgently. It's my thing and has been all my life. 

But anyone who has woken up early in the morning to study or work while the rest of the world sleeps knows it is not a lot of fun. Switching on lights in the dark living room, shutting doors to avoid disturbing others, making a hot cup of tea, starting up the laptop, arranging papers on the table, making the to-do list...this stuff feels lonely and sad when it's dark outside and you are up alone. 

So imagine my joy when on the first morning I was up that early, a little person in loose pajamas walks into the living room with witchy aunty under her arm and a shy grin on her four in the morning! 

After assuring her that I was just working in the living room and not going anywhere, I took her back to bed and sat with her, but she hung on to my arms. Pressed for time, I settled her on the living room daybed with her pillow and blanket and she went right back to sleep, a few feet from me, not bothered a bit by the bright light in the room.

Every morning since then, she has woken up around the same time and slept on the daybed next to me until it was time to wake up for school. 

Did I mention early morning loneliness? Pray what is that?