Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have some sentis human y'all!

Me: Aloka, you shouldn't say things like that. It's rude.
Aloka: Mom, what's wrong with you? Don't you have a sentis human?
Me: I don't have what??
Aloka: Don't you have sentis human? SENTIS HUMAN.
Me (after a few seconds): Oh that! That I have. What I don't have is a sense of humor.
Aloka: Huh what's that?

Here is a video of a conversation to discuss this concept further. 


  1. Wonderful …
    This reminds me of a recent Sentis Human which I encountered on the site when this particular contractor said – Iss baar hum shuttering kay liyay Ballee kee jagah Jug or Button istamaal karengay. After asking him twice and not the third time for fear of appearing like an old deaf architect I realized he implied that this time for shuttering we’ll use “Jack and Batten” instead of the wooden prop!
    Besides that I am sure most must have experienced sometime or the other…the Parafoot Wall – a mixture of Parapet and Running foot.

    “Half white” – when they want to say “Off- White” and of course “Tone dus” when you need “Stone dust”.
    One of them contractors, a well-built character who was very delighted when he lifted heavy stuff on the site often used to say to me – Arun Bhai, mainay college mein bahut ‘body fielding’ karee hai !! Guess he meant body building…but I dare not ask the body fielder.

    Arun Anand

    1. Ab auron ki kya kahein Arun bhai, hamara yeh haal thaa that when I was newly married, I asked my hubby to get me a "PLASS". What was priceless was not the look of horror on his face, but on mine as I realized that the tool I had been referring to all my life as PLASS (thanks to my mother) was actually PLIARS!

    2. Mera koi kasur nahin. I knew it as pliers but when i got married and came to lajpat nagar every one including my husband called it plass so I thought may be I got the name wrong.
      When Puja threw her own Singapore going party< I cleaned the piddly looking chandelier and found some Bulbs which were not functioning. Tilak told me to get replacements from the market and gave me directions to look for the shop opposite the Gurudwara of kalkaji market.
      I promptly located it and asked the shopkeeper to give me three bulbs. He looked askance and shook his head vehemently saying they do not stock such items. I was surprised and pointed out the stacks of boxes of bulbs staring hard at us.
      He said exasperatedly" To Bullub kaho na !"

    3. Mommy, how could you believe daddy would know better about pliers versus plass? Remember the card he sent to you in which he referred to you as his sweat heart?!!