Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Anymore

Things don't make me happy

Those clothes from M&S that fit me, praise thee Lord!
Do bring on a sense of lightness
But that lightness is gone soon.
The new set of shiny kitchen tools
Chatter for a while about great food I should cook
But then fall silent.
The chrysanthemums from the wet market
Smile and wink at me at first
But then turn away and become indifferent.

These things don't make me happy

I heard the other day of an army recruiter
Who put a value to his family...
"1 Million dollars of investment" he said
"Per child per lifetime!"
"What is the return on your investment?" he asked!
I want to ask this self-assured all-knowing gentleman
How to compute the valuation of my daughter's sweet smile?
Or the profit margin from my son's growing sensibility?
Or the cumulative interest on my mother's unconditional love?

For these are the only things that make me happy


  1. You are still so young that many things would matter to you more and more. At my age What you have expressed holds true and I try to find meanings in the winking stars and those which play hide and seek with the clouds, in the very early morning. I wake up in the wee hours and try as i may can not go back to sleep. So I make do by watching the skies and recollecting the good times.A very black bird comes hopping looking for insects perhaps. I can hardly make out its outline in the dark but obviously she can discern the small insects. Every one at their game aned the show must go on.
    What a lovely poetry you write Puja. Keep it up, and I love reading them.

    1. Mom, only you can call me "so young" without me looking for sarcasm in the statement!!

      I am thoroughly and totally middle-aged.

  2. i am a fan of chandrama :)

  3. so so true puja....and so beautifully put! i believe everyone goes through those feelings some point of time. Last year I was ordering Zumba clothes from US and was so obsessed about it that would think all the time about that, when will i receive them, whats my order status, spent hours on buying....but now i look back...i laugh, that was so waste of time.....obsession for new things and after a while we r bored of it. You r right.....more quality time with family= happiness!! Thank you