Monday, September 24, 2012

Mother and Son

Atreya is off to a jungle mission for nine days in Brunei. In this mission, a group of seven soldiers are left to themselves to find their way to civilization. They have limited rations and are expected to hunt for food if they run out of the rations.

Stressed and worried about him, I am eating for the two of us. Somebody stop me! 


  1. Stop it Puja otherwise you will put on unnecessary weight,Puja I have come across a very nice product for slimming. It is ayurvedic Metaslim powder and oil for massage and very easy to follow. If interested I will send you their phone no.
    Love you as you are.

  2. LOL mom. I knew you would do your best to stop me. This is just my natural (unnatural) way of dealing with stress. I know it, I hate it and I will stop it. Love you lots.

  3. Look at the bright least you are not eating for the entire group of 7 !

    1. You made me laugh on a particularly crappy day. CHEAP!