Friday, February 14, 2014

Something Stirs

Something stirs within me
A strange joy I had forgotten about
That can't seem to decide
Which part of my body, or mind
Is fit for it.
I sit still.
I wander restlessly.

What are you, sweet thing?
And where were you all these years?
Why had you hidden so deep inside
That I could not remember even the memory of you?
If you are life
Then what was I living all these years?
If you are how it ends
Then why didn't you come earlier?

Something stirs within me
A strange joy I vaguely remember feeling as a child
That stops me from asking questions
About what is right and what is wrong
And what is the purpose of life.
I soak in it quietly.
I dance in it with abandon. 

1 comment:

  1. Ever green and ever fresh. Let it keep stirring and raising its head from time to time..
    Lets not question why, but lets live and conquer and not die !!