Friday, July 25, 2014

The Spat

She waits
He is late.
She is angry
He is defensive.
She needs an apology
He is unrepentant.
She has her reasons
He has his reasons.
She shuts him out
He raises his voice.
She is hurting
He is smarting.
He walks off
She sees red.
She calls him, twice
He cuts the line, twice
She messages
He does not respond.
She feels powerless
He feels oppressed.
She threatens
He smokes.
She is hopping mad
He, escapist, is calm.
She complains to his friend
He feels smothered.
She feels unloved
He feels unloved.
Her eyes redden
His heart is breaking.
He calls
She declines the call.
He messages
She doesn't respond.
She waits
He waits.

They will make up, eventually, we all know how it goes
But the heart can only take so much, before it refuses to bow. 

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