Sunday, July 27, 2014


I have been hearing this song for over a year now, but only recently understood it because of my better understanding of Punjabi. And once I understood it, I have started loving it. Not because of its musicality, which is not particularly great, but because of the lyrics. And not because the lyrics are very poetic or deep, but because of the intent behind them. 

This is a song of a woman of confidence- confidence in herself and in her love. Here is a woman who is not afraid to declare her love for fear of rejection. Here is a woman who is not waiting for her lover to come to her, but is determined to get to him. What a wonderful sentiment. 

First the song, then my translation of it in English. 

Boohey Barian ena li kandan tap ke
aawangi hawa ban ke
boohey barian hai, boohey barian...

Chand charda te saarey loki paye takadey
doongey paniyan ch pher deewey paye baldey
kandey lag jaangi, kacha ghara ban ke
main awangi hawa ban ke
boohey barian hai, boohey barian

dil diyan rahan utey peher nahin lagdey
mukadaran te likhey hoye mit nahin sakadey
mainun rab ne banaya teri layee oye
mathey tera naam likh ke
boohey barian hai, boohey barian

bazi ishke di jit launngi sohnia 

main rab ton dua mang ke
boohe barian hai boohey barian...

I will come to you like breeze
Unhindered by closed doors or windows
Flowing over walls and hills. 

See how people come out to watch the full moon
See how they float their clay lamps in the river
I too will cross the river to come to you, floating freely like an earthen pot
I will flow to you like breeze...
Unhindered, unhindered

There are no barriers my love can't surpass
No one can erase what's been written as my destiny
You see, God has made me just for you
It's as if your name is written on my forehead...
Unhindered, unhindered.

I will win this battle of love my darling
I will demand you from God
Unhindered, unhindered. 

Hear the lounge version here:

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