Monday, December 5, 2016

Parallel Universe!

Part 1: 
What are educated Modi fans reading that is so different from what I am reading? What are they seeing in their cities and towns that is so different from what I am seeing? What life experiences makes people spew words like "slight inconvenience" and "nation building" in the face of this totally bungled unplanned operation?
We must be living in parallel universes.

Part 2:
Honestly, I try to read what the people, who believe the whole demonetization thing is right, share. I try.
There are these articles on the deep profound progressive thought behind the act, which will result in the betterment of everyone finally. I read these articles with an open mind that is willing to believe that there is something profound that I, as a layperson, am missing. After all, I am no economist.
But then, I am jolted by a stronger thought that does not require me to be an economist, but just a sensitive kind human being, which I am sure I am.
Deep profound acts require deep profound minds to have thought them up. Can I believe that of the current government? In the face of the cruel jokes and farcical PR dramas and total lack of empathy for the pain faced by our people, can I believe that there is something profound at the back of it all?
No, I can't. Sorry I can't.

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