Thursday, May 5, 2011

Being Judgemental

I have done a lot of foolish things in my life. Like feeling so much in love with one person that other people's feelings didn't matter. Like supporting people who were less than ethical and fair. Like ignoring people who considered me a good friend. Like being rude and moody with people who care for me. Like getting carried away and disclosing more than what was needed. Like gossiping about people who had let me down. And I am no Raja Harishchandra either. I have told my fair share of lies, some to save face, some just to look good.

Having done all that and more, I tend to be less judgemental of people. When faced with behavior I do not particularly like, I ask myself "Could I have done this?". Often the answer is Yes and I am able to look at people kindly and be as forgiving towards them as I would be to myself.

But sometimes, the answer is No. There are some things I would never do under any circumstances. Like I would never deliberately sweet talk to a person, while gossiping behind their back. I would never ascribe the worst intentions to every action of a person, while pretending to be respectful and friendly to their face. I would never destroy anyone's hard work by silently resisting their every effort and chipping away at the foundation, while pretending to be proper and ethical.

For such behaviour, I draw the line and assert my right to be judgmental.

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