Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank Gawd for Medha!

Medha is a little girl in Aloka's school bus, just a little older than her, and the focus of all of Aloka's naughty thoughts. I am pulled into imaginary conspiracies of beating Medha or keeping things secret from her on daily basis. The first thing I hear from Aloka as she comes home after school is what Medha did and why she is a bad girl. The day Medha doesn't come to school, we have some peace and quiet, well sort of.

This morning I pulled out a new Salwar Kameez for Aloka to wear to school, a gift from her cousins from India. Expecting a major drama because of her fixation with skirts nowadays, I also brought along a dreaded shorts/T combination as a distracter. I was fully geared for some negotiations and cajoling.

But surprise surprise! Aloka smiled at the Salwar Kameez and reached out for it. I almost had a heart attack. Then she piped in "Medha also wore a yellow and orange Indian dress yesterday. My one is better."

Thank Gawd for Medha!

Here are some pictures of Aloka in her better than Medha's Salwar Kamiz.

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