Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Extra Hour

"It's a Saturday and my lady has to wake up at 7am!" was the first thought that flashed across my mind when I saw Aloka lying wide-eyed next to me, playing with her witchy aunty's frayed hat. I really wanted to catch an extra hour of sleep to rest my weary body, but seeing her wide awake dashed those hopes. I closed my eyes with a sigh.

When I opened my eyes, she wasn't next to me on the bed, but sitting at her table, bent over some paper and pens. Was that a skirt she was wearing...I blinked. Where were her pajamas? How had she changed so quickly? What time was it? I couldn't believe my eyes- it was NINE O'CLOCK! I had slept for over two hours since she woke!!!

She told me that she didn't want to disturb me (exact words), so after relaxing with witchy aunty for some time, she had read a few books, played with play dough, then quietly climbed up the shelf to take her coloring book and pens and colored many pages. The reason for the skirt was simple- after using the toilet, she couldn't get the pajamas back on right, so she had pulled out the skirt from the laundry basket and put it on (inside out).

Two hours is a long time for a four-year old to be on her own, but she had managed it well and without a complaint, all because she didn't want to disturb her mother!

This is my doll, my princess, my daughter, my care taker! She is the reason that on some days, I don't question the mindless ride and feel I have found the answer!. 

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