Friday, June 29, 2012

What's in a Name?

My prickliness regarding how my name is spelled is well known among my colleagues and friends. For years, nothing ticked me off more than seeing my name being spelled as Pooja. But living in this part of the world, there are other bigger distortions I have to contend with. I have been called many things- from Piju to Punja to even Paju- each making me see red. 

Yesterday, I received a mail from someone who addressed me as Puju, but instead of being upset, it made me happy. You see, it's the name my dearest daddy used to call me by affectionately.


  1. I remember you telling me in school that your dad called you Puju. It had stuck in my mind. I have some happy memories and some sad ones about the two of us. This is not the place to mention any more though.

    BTW, it's ok to call me GT. Maybe I am TOO sensitive at times...

  2. Thanks for writing Gautami.

    I have very few memories of that time. Except that once I had to write an essay on my favorite person and I chose to write about you.

    At that age, I was not really a person, at least not this person. Life was too confusing. People very rough. And I very lost.

  3. I do remember you befriending me when others thought I was odd. I did not belong. I had not studied in the primary section and no one from my family had studied there. I used to feel lonely but I felt better when you and I became friends. You were that one friend I really needed. But we drifted apart. Suppose it happens that way in school.

    I was mighty glad I found you again. You will always have that special place in my heart. No, I am not being mushy. Maybe I should write a mail instead of writing here. I only bare my soul in my poetry. But you know that.

    1. I am so glad too to have met you again. And so proud of my awesome poetess friend.