Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good is Good

For everything you do, there will always be a person with a better idea, a better product, or just a better sales pitch. This whole concept of fighting to be #1 makes little sense to me. And people going on and on about who is #1 even lesser.

I want to be good in everything I do, but I have no wish to be the best. Good has longevity and absoluteness that best doesn't. Good doesn't automatically belittle others. Good is not self seeking and aggressive. Good can be kind.

Good is good.


  1. Once when i was due for promotion for position of director professor, I found my name missing from the list yet people junior were listed. To get first hand info, i visited the health ministry. One of the clerks there commented " Good is good for nothing". It did not make sense to me so I naturally asked him to explain. Well I was supposed to get excellent or extraordinary in my annual report. So sometimes Good may not really mean good.

    1. Oh that type of good is no good, I agree. Just a euphemism for average. But who dare mark you as good when outstanding was an option?

      I aim to be a good mom, a good daughter, a good leader, a good colleague, a good writer....and that type of good is good for me. :)