Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being Free

One day during a Class-XII Chemistry practical lesson, I looked outside and saw beautiful dark grey clouds hanging low in the sky. I nudged my best friend Shubhra and without any words exchanged, the decision to skip the practical class was made. Five minutes later, having given some lame excuse to the lab teacher, both of us were running out in the school football field, stopping only when we reached the far end- giggling, swirling round and round, light as butterflies in the wind. Can't describe the sheer joy I felt- it was perhaps my first taste of breaking rules and being free...at 16.

Today, from the office window, I saw the clouds coming in and lo and behold, they hung low like that day almost thirty years ago. I gave a disdainful look to my laptop, picked up my bag and went for a long walk, getting drenched a bit on the way back as the clouds finally gave up on just hanging low and decided to let go of the rain. Even though the heart is no longer as light and simple as it used to be, I can't describe the joy I felt. Nothing beats breaking rules and being free...even at 46. 

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