Friday, April 26, 2013

Pious Chipmunks!

Aloka: Mom what are chipmunks?
Me: Some kind of animals. I have only seen in cartoons. 
Aloka: Noooo! You have seen them. We saw in Mcleod Ganj. They were walking there wearing red and orange clothes.
Me: Ooohh! You mean monks, not chipmunks!! 

After laughing for a couple of minutes, the conversation continues. 

Me: They are people who are devoted to Buddha. They spend their time praying. They don't have any wife or kids or a home.
Aloka: Oh poor people, tsk tsk, they have nothing. But I know why they don't want kids. Kids make a lot of noise (to illustrate she makes some sounds like wah wah bah bah) and talk non-stop like me.
Me: That's right. They make too much noise. Would you like to be a monk when you grow up?
Aloka: No. I don't like their clothes. 

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