Monday, April 29, 2013

I Sit Too!

Here is a poem by a Japanese poet Shuntaro Tanikawa that describes my state of mind, captured in two earlier posts Two Months Later and This Ain't No Switzerland, so aptly and succinctly. 

That this state is but a state of mind, I am acutely aware of. That all one needs is a little peek beyond the corners of heaven to find hell, that too I am acutely aware of. But for now, I sit. Enchanted. 

I Sit

One afternoon with the sky covered in thin clouds
I sit on a sofa
like a shelled clam

There are things I must tend to
but I do nothing
simply sitting enchanted

Those that are beautiful are beautiful
Even those that are ugly
somehow look beautiful

Simply being here is
I become something other than myself

I stand up to
drink a sip of water
water is also wondrous
by Shuntaro Tanikawa
from minimal
publisher, Shichosha, Tokyo, 2002

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