Saturday, February 16, 2013

Puja 3.0

Puja 1.0 was fluttering leaf and a butterfly. She was driven by youth and dreams. She stumbled and fell but got up easily. She was foolish. She was callous. She didn't know enough of the world to know much fear. She was all about instinct.

Puja 2.0 was phoenix. She rose from the ashes driven by a strong need to retain her dignity and pride. She made fewer mistakes as she grew wiser and learned more about herself. Having felt raw fear and utter helplessness, she strived to bring stability and harmony in her life. She was all about courage.

Puja 3.0 has just started. She has shed her old avatar and stepped into a new world. She values harmony and peace more than anything else, but knows that reinventing oneself requires disharmony and chaos. Having known what it means to be courageous, she is terrified by the new fears surfacing inside her. What she is about- is yet to be seen. 


  1. Am fairly certain she'll rise higher with wisdom from previous versions and overcome those fears. I know it takes a lot of courage (among other things) to make this kind fo change. Hang in there, and know you will find the way.

    Much love! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Dharuni. Appreciate the encouragement. I still sometimes stay up at nights wondering what is the meaning of life and what the hell I am doing with mine! :)