Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wisdom on the road!

I am fascinated by stickers and messages painted on cars and trucks in my little town. As soon as I spot one, I ask my driver Sanju to follow the vehicle and go slow enough for me to take a picture. Slowing down is against Sanju's grain, but he grits his teeth and does it.

Not successful in getting a clear shot each time, here is my collection of words of wisdom found on Himachal roads! Click each picture for a bigger view.
Spotted in Tapovan. This guy surely wasted time getting this painted!

Spotted in Spiti. From a heartbroken Romeo- No girl friend tension. Avoid girls.
Spotted in Dharamshala city. Envy in installments! 
Spotted in Fatehpur. At least 3 ways to read it- Ruck fules, fuck the darn rules, or fuck always rules!
Spotted in Dharamshala city. Poetry on the road- My truck is my bride! 
Spotted in Khanyara. Height of narcissism! Don't think I can fall in love with this one even if I see it a hundred times. Reminds me of a certain PM!
Spotted on the way to McLeodganj. Quite a wise man- knows that tension will last until his last breath! But wait, he also believes in love ( 143=I love you)!
I quite agree! Spotted in Mohli. 
Spotted on the way to Palampur. Clear instructions Terrible spellings! (No compromise, no report, decision on the spot)
Spotted in Spiti. This poor speller tough guy (Word's Toughest Trucker) just realized he is in love and is shit scared (Oh shit I am in love)! 
 Finally, to all of you on Facebook, the 11th commandment! Spotted in Rakkar.