Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homeschooling Aloka- 1

Aloka completed her Class 3 studies and exams last year in December. After her vacations, she would have gone back to school on Feb 13, but did not. She stayed home. She is now home schooled. 

The decision to home school her was, from one aspect, not an easy one, but from another, the easiest. The mental preparation for this journey was much harder than the actual physical preparation. The doubts, though fewer as days pass, linger and need to linger if we have to make a success out of this adventure. 

I have taken notes every day since Feb 15 when we started, and these will form the basis of the first few posts I will write about homeschooling. I learned a lot from talking to other parents of home schooled children, and I hope someone will find value in my observations, challenges and victories.