Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lost and Found!

Today while teaching Aloka, I read a story in her literature book called "Manu's scarf". It sounded very familiar.

Then I figured why. Many many years ago, in 1986 or so, my father in law, Sukumar Shankar, had written a short story called "The Ribbon". It had won an award by CBT and was subsequently published by them. This story in Aloka's book is a rehash of my acchan's short story, replacing the ribbon by a scarf and Mala by Manu!
Life has brought a much loved but forgotten story back to us. What a wonderful feeling to read the story to Aloka and tell her about her brother's multi-talented grandfather!

It also gave me a chance to talk about the ugliness and unfairness of plagiarism with her.

Pleasures of Living in a Small Town near a Famous Cricket Stadium

Pleasures of Living in a Small Town (near a Famous Cricket Stadium):

On the way to pick up Aloka from school, I saw scores of cars, police bus and jeeps, at least a hundred policemen and a couple of (token) policewomen, and quite a few housewives crowding around our local neighborhood mosque. 

Fearing the worst, I stopped to ask about it at a neighborhood shop.

Relief! Pride! That was just the Bangladesh cricket team come to our little village mosque to offer Friday prayers!