Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Truth Teller

I was lamenting the other day
Did you hear me?
About my barren loveless life,
About plowing on with a broken heart, 
About promises that were forsaken before they could be claimed,
About beauty that faded too fast to be mourned,
About fear of rejection and relief in self hatred,
About that manic strength of spirit that won't let me accept defeat
But which then drained me of warmth and turned me to stone.
I was lamenting the other day, like I often do
But did you hear me?

You weren't listening, I know in my heart
But listen, be still as I tell you today...
Of love that feeds on nothing but itself,
Of promises that are made and kept in the moment,
Of beauty that is resurrecting itself from ashes, like phoenix
Of courage to trust and surrender completely, 
Of self love and acceptance of everything good and bad,
Of this manic dance of spirit- see me sway out of control!
Of this gentle awakening of a long lost woman. 
Listen, I am telling you a new truth today,
Hear me, hear me! 


  1. Awesome, awesome! Love it. You don't write poetry, you write heart.

  2. Beautiful piece...as if u are saying my words...

  3. Lovely Puja! What a talented poetess you are! In addition to a great photographer and lovely Mum and daughter!

    1. Thank you Tara. Just to warn you, I am quite terrible in many ways.

  4. Lovely...!
    I am so glad that I have worked with you and your brother Arun sir.

  5. Please keep writing, Puja. Remembering the lines of a poet which meant something like: those whom you loved, loved someone without loving you; those who loved you, disappeared before earning your love.

  6. Keewp writing and making waves. Love you